Moturua Island

2016 04 09 Sail Day 11 Whangaroa to Oke Bay-15

Leaving Whangoroa Harbor, we sailed back towards Brett Point and ended up in Oke Bay. Shawn had wanted to go here earlier, but it did not fit into the schedule. Nice bay and the wind was nasty, but it was pretty sheltered as long as the wind did not change direction. We did not take the dink down since the weather was bad so we were unable to explore. There was a beautiful beach and some nice looking trails here so we were a bit disappointed. I was sick anyway, so no big loss on my part. We spent the night and had more rain and the wind changed direction. Time to move!  We did see a guy fishing and I think he was a true diehard to be out in the yucky weather.

2016 04 10 Sail Day 12 Oke Bay to Whiorau Bay-13

After 2 days of rain and one sick person, we moved around based on the wind looking for a good night anchorage, and finally ended up in a cove that was not rolling with waves. Worked out well for me that the weather was not good as I was fighting off some fever/sneezy thing and I was not able to do that much. Picked the best days to be sick since the weather was dreary. Normally I like a rainy day on the boat, but with the winds throwing waves directly at us, it was just too rocky to stay there.

Did have some flies come into the cabin while we were anchored and Shawn whipped out the portable vacuum cleaner to suck them up. They were still alive the next morning and flew right out of the vacuum! Good thing he put a bag over the end to keep them in there. At least we were able to get rid of them. First ones we have seen since we got here. We did pack a bunch of bug spray but have not needed it yet.

Stayed in the Whiorau Bay and had our last night of rain, and it POURED all night, but the morning dawned bright and clear.   I did manage to capture a few favorite bird pics before we headed to Moturua Island where there is a hike all around the island. It takes about 2 ½ hours to walk around and it is up steep hills and touches 4 different beaches. The silence up the hills is complete as you are surrounded by trees and ferns but as we headed down the sound of the waves slowly rolling up the shore would become louder as we approached. You would think that for a wildlife sanctuary we would find the island teeming with life, any life. Nope. No people and only a few birds on the walk. Very quiet.

Each beach that we walked to was so different from the last. One was all rocks, one all sand and the other two were a combination of shells and sand. The shell beach made a lovely tinkling sound as the waves rolled them up onto the rocks on the shore. Very musical, like the sound of wind chimes. The rocky beach was the best for sea glass, and I did get some pretty shells on the other beaches. There are 7 beaches on this one tiny island. Took a picture of the shells and then threw them in the water off the boat and it made the fish come up. They thought they were getting a tasty treat and I wish I had a fishing line out. They were huge!

And, of course, there were stairs. (Glutes! Quads!) You might be wondering why the stairs are something I take the time to mention. It is because I am carrying between 10-15 pounds of gear and stuff on my back. My camera, just in case lenses, water, food, and the weight of the pack itself, all add up. That extra 15 pounds for 2 hours of hiking gets heavy. The stairs are a killer with the extra weight!

2016 04 11 Sail Day 13 Moturua Island Hike-118

2016 04 11 Sail Day 13 Moturua Island Hike-140

Our first sighting of flowers

We are always conscious of the tides here and you always want to make sure your dink is secured on the beach.   We did not really pay attention to the fact that the tide was going out when we arrived on the beach so Shawn really pulled the dink up out of the water.   The water was just behind it when we left for our hike.  By the time we returned, we realized the dink was safe.   So very safe.

2016 04 11 Sail Day 13 Moturua Island Hike-173

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