Who we are

I began taking pictures a long time ago with a brownie camera.  I loved the way it squeaked when you turned the button to advance the film!  Later, it was an Olympus where I promptly lost all my pictures on my first trip to Europe due to a faulty rewind button.   Next up was a hand-me-down Nikon Nikkormat with a great 50mm lens.   I acquired a Vivitar zoom lens and boy, did I have a lot of fun with that camera.  As time went on, the camera went into the closet, and then digital hit the market.   My first digital was a small Canon that was a great little pocket camera.   It reignited my passion for photography and slowly the cameras have grown.   Now, I am a Nikon girl, so I stick to what I know and enjoy taking pictures with my latest.

Thanks for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy my pictures as we travel around to learn how others live, see strange animals, and enjoy food and vistas we do not have at home.

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