Return to Opunga

Winds are changing again and we want a rather calm setting and the harbor we are in is not the place to be.   Up goes the head sail and we have one of the calmest and nicest sails of the week.   So nice in fact, we drop the anchor with the sail up.   Never did that before!   Went very smoothly.   We were in Opunga Cove again, where we stayed for our first night.

Once we set the anchor, I pointed out to Shawn that we had our visitor, right on schedule.   As soon as we turn off the engine, no matter where we are, a seagull flies in and sits on top of the dink motor.  Sure enough, here he comes.   Tonight would be different though.   Off to the side of the boat was a lone duck.   Just sitting there, following the gentle swing of the boat, waiting.   A seagull came by and landed in the water near Mr. Duck.   Not to fear, Mr. Duck gently swam him away from the boat, claiming his territory.   After watching this for a while and noting that Mr. Duck was still hanging around, we decided to give Mr. Duck an award for his persistence.   Out came the crackers, the favorite food of all birds.   Now, we knew that if you feed a seagull, it will cause all kinds of problems, but this was, after all, our evening entertainment.  Tossed in one of the crackers and it is right to the duck.   He hoards it as the seagull dives and swoops.  More seagulls suddenly find their way to this location.  However, he is not to be deterred!   As he bites down on it a piece breaks off, giving the closest gull an opening.   He dives down and then fights with another gull over it.   Meanwhile, Mr. Duck chews up the last bit of his piece and meanders close to the boat again for more.   Of course, we have to give him more as he is persistent!   One more piece, the battle ensues, the gulls fight and we give Mr. Duck his final piece.   We are now all done as we have so many seagulls around the boat that Shawn is yelling at them to get off the dink!   He keeps yanking the dink around to get them off, waving his arms and cussing at them.  A fine dance to watch and laugh about!

The sunset tonight is Epic.   Well, Shawn tells me EVERY sunset time it is going to be epic, but tonight it really was.   The colors were so vibrant and amazing you would think that the pics have been HDR’d but they have not been!  Truly spectacular and a great end to a fine day.

2016 04 11 Sail Nt 13 Anchorage Opunga Cove-138

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