Kingfish Lodge

There is nothing like the comfort of tying up to a mooring ball at night. They are usually in the ground a lot better than an anchor and the Kingfish Lodge mooring was very convenient.

2016 04 07 Sail Day 9 Kingfish Lodge-13

Kingfish Lodge, we learned, is the oldest coastal fishing lodge in New Zealand and is a destination point for business weekends, weddings, bachelor parties, and the like. They also offer dinner when they do not have a party booked so we were lucky to hit it on an open night. We later learned that they were in bankruptcy and struggling to stay open. Too bad as the location is beautiful and just a water taxi ride away from several towns, as it is only accessible by water. They have fun signs all over as décor and many pictures of people standing with their “catch”, mostly Marlins. They are huge weighing in at several hundred pounds. I never got the fishing gene. Caught one, once, in Long Island Sound. Had to take it off the hook, scrape the scales off, gut it and then eat it. Too much work and that whole gutting thing-eww.

Jeremy greeted us again as we entered. We had arrived early so we could relax in their lounge and so we asked if there was internet. He did give us a code and it was fine to check email. We do try to make sure our kids are still alive, even if they are capable adults.

We ordered a glass of wine and watched the sunset. Soon we were called to our table and it was outside on their deck overlooking the water with a view of our boat. There was a bit of rain and a chill in the air, but it was so nice to enjoy dinner on the deck. The food was very good and we enjoyed the night. As we were leaving, Jeremy popped up again and asked how everything was and did we get some fuel for the dink. We told him our story about stopping in Whangoroa and they did not have any and he tells us to stay put a second, and he runs off. A few minutes later he comes back with a can of gas and oil mixed and says that we can have this for $5. Sold! So very nice and unexpected. He also asked how my internet connection was and I lamented that it was fine but I could not upload pictures. He then gives me the office code to try to upload them. Still did not work, but it was generous of him to try. Internet is supposed to be spotty all over so that will be the challenge on this trip.

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