Have you seen any episodes of Twilight Zone?   I believe we have suddenly entered into one, but it is all in color.

Since we did not fill up with water at the floating tin cans, we headed toward the town of Whangoroa. They have a marina there and supposedly have a small store where you can stock up with supplies. We were hoping to get some fuel for the dink as we were almost out.   On the way we see this abandoned boat.   I think it was a sign.

2016 04 08 Sail Day 10 Jaunt to Whangaroa-12

We anchored just outside the marina and dinked into the dock. We first noticed signs saying that the water was not potable. That means you cannot drink it. OK. No water here so let’s find the fuel. No gas pumps on the dock. Very strange as there are mostly power boats in the slips here. Shawn finally gives up and knocks on an office door. He asked if there was fuel here and the guy was a bit rude stating that they were in a meeting and just take the can to Boyd’s and they will drive into town and get it for you the next day. Well, we have no idea who Boyd is so we just put the can back in the dink and take a walk up to the main drag. There appeared to be only three buildings and it was deserted. Café sign-closed. The small church next door, closed. Hotel, open….well, the bar was. A guy outside the bar was standing at a high table with no chairs, drinking a beer and smoking. First person we see other than Mr. Rude. Shawn bravely walks into the bar and looks at the dead and stuffed fish hanging on the wall. The standing man points over Shawn’s head and says “Look at that one”. There is huge Marlin over his head! I guess this is a fishing town and they must not EVER see women here. Feeling like we are in a scene from Deliverance.

2016 04 08 Sail Day 10 Whangaroa-14

2016 04 08 Sail Day 10 Whangaroa-15

Inside the bar, Mr. Bartendar was standing behind the bar, slowly cleaning the bar with his dirty rag as he stares at us. One lone guy on the stool in front of him Is half turned towards us, hand grasping a beer, staring. Well. Time to go!

We start back to the marina, but we see a sign that says “Boyd’s Groceries” with an arrow pointing down the road. 200 meters! Well, how much worse can it get? Maybe we can get some food there. We start walking down the road when a car passes by. Good sign! There are others here, but I will say he was driving out of town rather fast.  This is also the store where you take your gas can to get it filled up.  Now we know who Boyd is.

We arrive at Boyd’s and as we walk in we notice an old lady behind the register. We kind of smile, but she just stares back. Great. I love consistency. The store is about the size of a large family room and chock full of fishing supplies, touristy stuff, junk food, and some marine parts. No sound but some very bad muzak coming from a speaker somewhere. Across the other side of the store is a younger woman taking store items out of plastic to put on shelves. One item…at a time….very slowly…the plastic crinkling over the noise of the muzak. Well then. Shawn is very brave and starts looking for a fuse that we had blown on the boat. He cannot find it and has to ask for help. Slowly, Mrs. Old walks around the counter, looks at the fuse, and walks to where Shawn was just looking. “Nope. Don’t ‘ave it” Helpful.

I actually feel like we have wasted too much of their time so I grab a few ice cream bars and go to check out. There is a young boy of around 5 or so holding a football in his hands behind the counter next to Mrs. Old/Helpful. Just holding it. Staring. “Nice ball,” I say. He keeps staring. Buying the ice cream and getting outta here. Looking forward to dinner at the Kingfish Lodge tonight and hoping that no one from The Twilight Zone/Whangeroa is there.

2016 04 08 Sail Day 10 Whangaroa-12

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