Portage Cove

house on a rock

Lansdowne Channel was very busy with both Commercial, chartered and private boats. Not very wide but it was a beautiful trip due to the interesting shoreline and the houses that were sporadically placed.  We passed a stone quarry, and lots of little rock clusters, and turned our way North towards Portage.

portage cove boats
We tried to anchor in the super-sheltered cove but it was too tight and too shallow for our boat. We anchored in the northern part where it is a little less protected but we decided that we liked being a bit away from the groups. You never know if someone knows how to anchor!

With fingers crossed and hesitant optimism we lowered the motor onto the dinghy. After a test, we found that it worked but we kept our oars with us. We dinghied over to the area where we wanted to anchor because we heard there was a trail up to the high cliffs that loomed overhead. Shawn also wanted to test the depth to see if we could have anchored there.

We found a small grassy spot to pull the dinghy up and passed a really cool crane of some sort. It was focused on dinner and was slowly stalking its prey, which we assumed was the frog that we heard croaking.

2014 07 NC Portage Cove Great Blue Heron sRGB-2
The hike up the hill is not long nor is it difficult. The path is sporadically marked so you do need to pay attention. The views are beautiful and the water looks very green from above. It is not clear so I assume the color comes from algae, but I do not know. Almost reminds us of the waters in Banff. Almost.

We did determine that the bottom was a bit uneven so if we did try to anchor here, we might have gotten stuck going in or out.  The right call for us.

2014 07 NC Portage Cove sRGB-1032014 07 NC Portage Cove Shawn sRGB
Tomorrow we head to the Fjords of the north.

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