Little Current and Heywood Island

From the Benjamins, we turn our bow towards Little Current, a narrow passage through the islands that has a strong current (hence the name), marinas, and a town. The best part is that the bridge is one that turns sideways. It opens every hour for 15 minutes and when we arrive we find ourselves on the ½ hour. We manage to maintain speed against the current that pretty much keeps us at a standstill. As the bridge begins to turn we notice a few boats on the other side and 2 of us together on our side. Looks narrow but we let the others go first and we pick up the rear. We are hardly inside the bridge when it starts to close! So much for being open for 15 minutes every hour.

current bridge

2014 07 NC Little Current Bridge sRGB-101

Up until this point we have had no wind. A gentle breeze, but nothing to really make it worth putting up the sails for. Not today. As we entered the bay after Little Current we are hit head-on with 20-knot winds. We have to maneuver around some tricky spots but we pass a cool lighthouse on the way to Browning Cove on Heywood Island. By the time we had found a place to anchor we sat down to rest, boom goes the thunder! Had a crazy squall that was not too long but the winds did not die down too much. Glad we were in a protected spot. We did see our charter boats with all the kid’s anchored in the same cove but luckily for us this time we were not near them!

2014 07 NC Strawberry Island sRGB

Boaters in general can be friendly.   We noticed that anchored near us was a brand of the boat that we used to own.   We admired her from our cockpit when we noticed a woman get into her dinghy that was about the boat.  As she rowed in our direction we figured she would want to talk to us about our boat.   Well, we were sort of right.   She wants to talk to us about our dinghy!  Our cute little dink is a hard dinghy vs the zodiacs that many others carry.  We chose this one because it is easy to row when you don’t have a motor. (which we appreciated when we were in the Benjamins!)  She had the same dinghy and we talked for about half an hour about the various virtues that the Trinka has.  They had sailed to this area all the way from Toronto!   Always fun to see where people are from.

2014 07 NC Bear Cove Heywood Island sRGB-1002014 07 NC Bear Cove Heywood Island sRGB-101
As the sun set it was the most beautiful one we had seen yet. A great big orange ball gently floated down over the piney tree tops. A sailboat was outlined in front and the golden glow trailed over the water right to us. Tomorrow we head to Portage Cove, through the Lansdowne Channel.

2014 07 NC Bear Cove Heywood Island sRGB-102

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