Running with Salmon


Fishing is a big sport for many, salmon being one of the favorites, and a quick stop at the Salmonid Interpretation Center, one of the largest Atlantic salmon enhancement projects in North America, showed us a brief glimpse of the salmon in action.


Located on the Exploits River and one of the most prolific producers of Atlantic salmon in the world, the center takes you underwater to see salmon on their annual swim as it migrates upstream to their spawning habitat.  The river has many falls and they have built a special area for the salmon to get upstream with viewing windows.   From the inside, you get to watch them as they seemingly just float upstream with barely any movement.   As they get to the next level, they jump hard against the water.   Some make it on the first try, while others have to take a few tries.   We did spend a fair amount of time watching them, both inside and out, as it was fascinating!

Moose sightings: 0


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