Newfoundland Observations

St. Johns

Newfoundland has a lot of very creative town names.  Some of the towns we passed: Goobies (not Goonies?), Placentia (ummmm?), Dildo (maybe the town had a lot of fishermen who stayed away for days), Come By Chance (or by choice!), Woody Island (near Heart’s Desire?), Little Heart’s Ease, Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Content, Heart’s Delight, Monk’s Town, Tickle Cove (next to Dildo), Happy Adventure, French Lick, Flatrock, Conception Bay, and Gander.   My favorite was Quidi Vidi.   It just rolls off of the tongue.   And they have a beer with the same name that is very tasty.

Witless Bay

There are a lot of arms here, as in names of towns:

Aaron Arm, Brown’s Arm, Virgin Arm (Makes you wonder what was on the minds of those early settlers!) Goose Arm, Indian Arm, Middle Arm (What happened to the other 2?), Too Good Arm (don’t you need them?), Three Arm (who has 3?), Snook’s Arm, and Sop’s Arm.   Not sure who Snook and Sop are though.

House along the road

There are also a lot of heads:

Cow’s Head, Bakers Head, Red Head Cove, Bank Head, Berry Head, Bluff Head, and well, you get the idea.



My favorite joke of Newfoundland: The Brits drive on the left side of the road but Newfoundlanders drive on what’s left of the road.   The potholes here are small craters and they are everywhere you drive and on all sides of the road.   It makes me really appreciate American roads.

Moose Sightings: 0


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