Ruby Bay and Nelson

2016 05 03 Kina Beach Walk (197)

After traveling far and wide, and doing something every day, we decided to take it easy today. Yes, we relaxed and enjoyed our day here at the Vineyard. (I did enjoy writing that!) We are just a block from the beach at Ruby Bay, part of Tasman Bay so we walked down as the tide was receding. It really goes out far, leaving behind a bounty of rocks and shells. As the waters pull back, islands pop up out of nowhere and the birds all rush to land on them. There must be some tasty minnows that are caught in the rocks just for them.

When we were walking along the beach, I looked up to see the strangest thing.   A bathtub, hooked up to a …chimney?   Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a redneck hot tub!   With a great view.

2016 05 03 Kina Beach Walk (111)

After the beach, we were walking back to the vineyard when we passed some hedges and chickens.  No sheep!  We then walked about the Kina Vineyard, the owners telling us we could go anywhere. They had already harvested most of the grapes and were in the process of removing the protective netting. Some grapes were left on the vine so we tried them. They were the pinot grapes and some were very good. And some were very bad. They had great weather, the grapes were happy needing only a few more weeks of nice sunny days, and they were hit with a bunch of rain. The grapes do not like that and they are not too optimistic about this harvest, but sometimes great things come out of the yuk.

2016 05 03 Kina Beach Walk (202)

2016 05 03 Kina Beach Walk (103)
where else would I be?

After our leisurely stroll, we decide to head to the towns of Richmond and Nelson to stock up on supplies. Nelson has a very old Catholic church there so we decided to check it out. Built in 1842 out of local marble, it is a beautiful building. The organ was in a very unique position as it was on 4 pillars and you could walk right under it. It was almost as if it was suspended in the room. We arrived just after choir practice, which was too bad. I would have liked to have heard the acoustics there.

2016 05 03 Nelson Cathedral (115)

2016 05 03 Nelson Cathedral (102)
Extra Parishioners?

Walking around town was a bit surreal as we had not been in any close contact with lots of people for several weeks. I had forgotten how jolting it is to be back in a bustling city with lots of activity. Grocery shopping was a nightmare as we arrived just after school let out. NEVER shop then, no matter what country you are in. Just too crazy and the grocery store was also in a shopping mall. Was kind of strange.  I do enjoy seeing what they have for various foods and magazines though.

We did pass a bakery that had pies. Now pies here are the savory kind, much to the great disappointment to Shawn. He was so excited in town to see a bakery advertising pies.

“Maybe I can get an apple pie!” He walks in, looks around, and sees pies with meat, chicken, and various other flavors. No apple.
“How can a bakery not have apple pie?”
“They are meat pies, like chicken-pot-pie.”
“Well, that’s not going to work.”

Anyway, I finally convince him to try one and we bought a steak and blue cheese and a chicken/apricot/cream cheese pie. They were very good, we ate them right away and Shawn is now a convert.

2016 05 03 Kina Beach Walk (181)

Saw this abandoned house on the way home and had to stop and take a pic.  Love their attempt at landscaping with the palm tree.

2016 05 04 Nelson (102)

And passing by some boats on the mud, how could I not stop?

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