Mushrooms and the B&B

Just outside of Arrowtown proper is our B&B for the night. The last few places we have had a room with a little fridge and microwave but tonight we are to stay in a room inside an older home. As we arrive, we notice a lot of construction debris is lying around and there is a big DANGER sign by the front door. The place seems deserted as there is no one around. Maybe we are in the wrong location? Back out dirt road, go into next dirt road. Nope, not it, so we go back to the one we think it is.

2016 04 17 Willow Brook B&B-100-2

After we walk all around we go up to the front door where there is a note for us. The owner found a contractor willing to start a month earlier to do some renovation work on the main house for them. Construction is booming here so when you get a guy, you go with him!

2016 04 17 Willow Brook B&B-103

Looks like a neat place but it is completely empty so we are wondering where we are going to stay. Roy, the owner, gave us directions to the next dirt road in the other direction to a small cottage-like building. This is where we are to stay instead of a room. It is a lot larger with a small kitchenette and living area and bed all in one large open area. I check the cabinets looking for dishes-all of them are empty. All we have is the hot water pot, standard everywhere.

2016 04 17 Willow Brook B&B-104

We hear a knock on the door and it is Roy, the owner, coming to greet us. He said that he had no choice but to put us here to stay instead of the house but he removed all the kitchen stuff to make it seem like we were staying in the room. If he left all the supplies, he would have had to charge us more. Just seemed kinda weird to me but…whatever. We have a nice big room for 2 nights.

AND….we have MUSHROOMS! OMG! Some of the coolest mushrooms I have ever seen. Shawn is unloading the car and I am crawling all over the ground on my forearms and knees. I have only seen the red topped mushrooms in kids’ books as illustrations and they always seem to be with gnomes. I assumed they were only in Germany, but here they are. They are awesome! Cannot take enough pictures of them, hence the reason for a post of just mushrooms. I am sure they are crazy poisonous so I try to avoid touching them, but I have never seen so many in one place, and each one is different from the next.

The ground is wet and I am soaked through crawling around, but hey. How often do you see a red mushroom?

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