Entering the North Channel


The North Channel is very similar to the 1000 islands in Lake Ontario.   Navigation is tricky and we are on alert for several hours as there are a LOT of rocks and small rocky islands.   The islands range in size from very large (a few miles) to just a few rocks and a tree.   Some islands even have houses on them.  We learned years ago on Lake Ontario that if the chart says “2” in the middle of a wide open space, there really is a rock 2 feet under the water.  And yes, we hit that rock.   But that is another story.

The scent as we wander through these islands is magnificent.  The aroma of pine and spruce along with a hint of vanilla and wood smoke from campfires lingers and drifts through the air allowing me to reminisce about my days at camp in the woodsy hills of New Hampshire.   That smell is truly the best in the world and so very calming.

Our first stop will be Medlum Bay.   As we approach the Bay we call to find out how we check into Canada.   You are not allowed to step onto land or anchor until your boat has been fully checked in.  We learn we have to tie up to a wall, call from a phone in a closet, and we are good to go.  Easy!   We then cast off to anchor a few hundred yards out.   A very nice and quiet bay.

We wake up the next morning to the sounds of… cows?   So says Shawn but I say frogs.   Since neither is visible it is a moot point.   Shawn is always on the lookout for loons and swears he has seen several.   But then he asks me what they look like.  Hmmm…

The view early in the morning was so serene.  We know we are going to like it here.

2014 07 NC Meldrum Bay Sunrise sRGB-1

I cannot take credit for this photo.   Shawn neglected to wake me up in time and he took this photo of Medlum Bay with his cell phone.   Not a bad shot!

We make a few repairs and get ready to cast off.  We are off to the Benjamins, the one place that everyone recommends as a must-see.

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